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        Manage your mobile fleet. On your terms.

        Android Enterprise Management


        Handle any type of device.

        Distributing company-owned devices to employees? Android has you covered. If you want to let employees bring their own devices to work, you can do that, too. There’s a management solution that’s just right for your business.

        Flexible control of corporate devices.

        Android gives you tons of flexibility to manage your business’ devices. From locked down mobile experiences, to limited oversight over only business data and apps. Mix and match these tools to meet your needs.

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        Let your staff use their own devices.

        Employees can safely use their personal devices for work. The Android work profile makes it possible. Personal things stays private and work things stays secure—no sharing data between the two. And switching from work to personal is as quick as a swipe.

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        Deploy devices at scale.

        No deployment is too big—or small. Whether you need to set up hundreds of devices automatically, or a single device manually. Android has enrollment options that work for you.

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        Apps just for your company.

        Distribute any app you want through managed Google Play. Even private apps used only by your company. Admins can choose which employees get access to which apps. So even when employees download apps themselves, your business stays secure.

        • Setup

          Manage and configure apps to your company’s requirements.

        • Distribution

          Make it easy for anyone to download both public and private apps.

        • Security

          Google Play Protect scans every app for malware 24/7. Even private apps.

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