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        Use one device for work and play.

        Keep stuff private. Get more done.

        It’s easy for employees to bring their own Android device to work. Android is built so they can keep business data safe and personal stuff private. That means no juggling screens or apps. Plus, they can use the smart Google tools they already know and love. It’s a win for them, and a win for the business.

        One device. Two different profiles.

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        Work smarter, not harder.

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        Balance work and life.

        Focus on the moment with Digital Wellbeing tools.

        Digital Wellbeing makes finding work-life balance easier. When employees are on the job, Focus mode blocks distractions. When they’re off the clock, turning off the work profile pauses work apps and notifications. And Wind Down helps them switch off when the day is done. So they can work and disconnect when they need.

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