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        Made for the way you want to use it.

        Two women having a conversation while eating food.

        Sound, sight, and so much more.

        Everyone uses their device differently. So we look at cutting-edge technology and ask, “How can this solve a challenge for a real person?” From tools that help people know more about what's around them. To products that create easier conversations by instantly turning speech into text. It’s more than learning what real people need. It’s about building solutions that help.


        Audio features so you never miss a beat.

        Live Transcribe

        Learn more

        Live Caption

        Sound Amplifier

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        Vision support to explore your world.


        Learn more



        Mobility tools to make using your device easier.

        Switch Access

        Learn more

        Voice Access

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        Accessibility Studies.

        We believe in building things with real users. Make our accessibility products even more impactful by joining our test groups and user studies.

        Disability Support.

        We're here to help. Learn how to use our accessibility tools and get personalized help from our Disability Support team.

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